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Italian coffee guide: drink it like an Italian

How much do you know about Italian coffee? If you know that it’s an espresso, not an “expresso”, and that ordering a latte will get you strange looks from the waiter, you’re off to a good start! Read on to … Read More

Giardino degli Aranci

The Green Side of Rome

There are countless beautiful parks in Rome. From the aristocratic splendour of Villa Borghese in the city center to the atmospheric Roman ruins of the Parco degli Acquedotti (Aqueduct Park) in the southern part of Rome. In-between Colosseum tours and … Read More

Italian Street Artists: Blub

Our top 10 street artists in Italy

When you think of street art in Italy, you probably think of it as a modern phenomenon, picturing underpasses and apartment blocks covered in graffiti. There’s actually a long tradition of Italian street art. For centuries, talented artists have decorated … Read More

Procida – Italy’s Capital of Culture 2022

You’ve heard of Capri and maybe Ischia, but what about Procida? It’s the smallest of the three Italian islands, but there’s plenty to see and explore on a day trip from Naples. To really soak up the atmosphere though, and … Read More

Dante Alighieri

Dante: Everything about Italy’s most famous poet

In September 1321, a man in his late 50s died of malaria in Ravenna. 700 years later his death is still remembered, and even commemorated. That man was Dante Alighieri – Italy’s most famous and celebrated poet and arguably one … Read More


Andiamo! Learn Italian with the locals

Parli italiano? Do you speak Italian? If you’re planning a trip to Italy, you should definitely learn Italian – or at least a few basic Italian phrases to help you get by. While many Italians have a good level of … Read More

The Scrovegni Chapel

See Giotto’s masterpieces in Padua

The charming city of Padua is perhaps one of the most underrated destinations in Italy. From the picturesque piazzas of the historic centre to the magnificent frescoes by Giotto in the Scrovegni Chapel – now a UNESCO world heritage site … Read More

Ponza Island

Italian islands: discover off the beaten path

What are the first Italian islands that come to mind? Sicily? Sardinia? Capri? These islands are rightly famed for their breathtaking beauty, food and culture, but they’re just the starting point. For an unforgettable Italian summer away from the crowds, … Read More

Pompeii Discoveries

Pompeii discoveries in recent years

Walking down the silent streets of Pompeii, admiring the villas, gardens and frescoes, you might assume that this is all there is. After centuries of thorough excavations, we must have discovered and dug up everything. But that’s not the case … Read More

The she-wolf of Rome

The Animals of Ancient Rome

Unless you pay a visit to the zoo near Villa Borghese, you’re unlikely to encounter any exotic animals on your trip to Rome. Apart from the parakeets that have taken over the parks in recent years, there’s no wildlife you’d … Read More