Across the River: Trastevere and Jewish Ghetto Tour

Discover the “other side” of Rome and explore Trastevere’s picturesque alleys and the ancient Jewish Ghetto


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First-class tour with a private guide

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Rome is split in two by the Tiber river, which is the “root” of Roman civilization.

Duration: about 2 hours

The most famous sights in the city (Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, Pantheon, Spanish Steps) are on the left side of the Tiber, but across the river there’s the beautiful Trastevere neighborhood.

During our Trastevere tour, you will discover one of the most authentic parts of the city; its picturesque small streets full of shops, restaurants and cafes make it unique. It’s a really medieval-looking area in a mainly renaissance and baroque city.

This neighborhood also hosts  some of the oldest and most beautiful churches in the world, and it’s where the ancient Christian community first settled down – even before St. Peter’s Basilica was built. We will wander through the small alleys, see the amazing squares, and talk about the beautiful churches, the food, the culture, and the modern and ancient Roman way of life. Our Trastevere tour will show you a very special, unique side of Rome.

Then, we’ll cross the Tiber river, walking across the famous Tiber Island, and we will start exploring another beautiful and historic quarter:  the Jewish Ghetto.

Rome is home to the most ancient Jewish community in Europe; some Jewish traders were already living in Rome in the 2nd century BC. However, in 1555, after years of peaceful tolerance, the Jews began to suffer from persecution, and were forced to live in one very small neighborhood called “the Ghetto”.

All the Jews who lived in Rome had to move to this district, which quickly became overcrowded, unhealthy and dangerous. The Jewish community didn’t lose its identity, however, and resisted the persecutions and the terrible living conditions, developing a very original “Jewish-Roman” identity.

After the Jews were freed in 1870, the Ghetto was partially re-designed, and it’s now one of the most interesting and beautiful areas in Rome, where you can learn about the Jewish history of Rome and try some of the delicious, traditional Jewish-Roman dishes served in local kosher restaurants.

Ready to go off the beaten path?

Choose our Trastevere and Jewish Ghetto Tour and explore the “other side” of the Eternal City. Discover the roots of the Jewish community in Rome, cross the Tiber River via an ancient island, and take a walk through the picturesque backstreets and piazzas of Trastevere.

Sights Included

Jewish Ghetto
Octaviae Porticus
Fountain of the Turtles
Basilica di S. Maria in Trastevere
The most picturesque alleys in Rome
Tiber Island
Beautiful view of the Tiber river
Fabricio and Cestio bridges
Lovely piazzas
Piazza S. Callisto
Piazza Trilussa

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