Colosseum Extended

Skip the line with us. Let our guides show you the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Palatine Hill and the Basilica of Saint Clement, a unique underground site.


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What’s included

First-class tour with a private guide

Marvelous off-the-beaten-path sights

Fluent English Speaking guides with a background in archaeology, history and art

Flexible starting time



Our Colosseum Extended Tour includes the three most important archaeological sights in Rome: the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill, combined with an impressive underground site nearby, the Basilica of St. Clement.

Duration: about 4 hours

Let us show you the evolution of Rome over the centuries, the way that modern Rome was built on top of the ancient city. You’ll also find out about the excavation works that unveiled the old city.

Why was ancient Rome buried? And how? How many feet/meters below street level does ancient Rome lie? We will answer all your questions and make sure you have a great time.

Discover the history of St. Clement’s Basilica and its unique underground area. This active church was built in the 12th century, exactly on top of a preexisting church of the 4th century. Both churches covered a Roman district of the 1st century, today part of the underground tour of St. Clement’s Basilica. You will be 10 meters (about 30 feet) below the modern street level , learning about the rare paintings preserved and the life of the early Christian communities.

During our Colosseum extended tour the history of Rome will be revealed to you, and you’ll discover what lies below the modern streets. Without any doubt, St. Clement’s is the most interesting underground site in Rome.

The focus of this tour is the Colosseum. Once there, we will talk about its fascinating history, the lives of the gladiators and the remarkably resistant building techniques, which have allowed the Colosseum to survive the challenges of time and gravity. How long did it take to build the Colosseum? Who were the gladiators? Was it always a fight to the death? What is historically accurate in the movies that you have seen, and what is not? There’s always time for an extra question in a private tour!

The Palatine Hill is the place where, according to legend, Romulus founded Rome. Centuries later this hill became the residence of the emperors. We will show you the Emperors’ Palace and tell you about the history of the empire: ask your guide about Augustus’ obsession with power, Caligula’s decadent vices and Nero’s insane dreams.

You will travel back in time, led by your personal guide through the palace of the emperors. Nowadays, the Palatine Hill is a green oasis in the heart of the city, which offers respite from the crowds of the Colosseum as well as some breathtaking views of Rome. We’ll be happy to show you the best photo spots so you can bring home great memories of your vacation.

This tour also includes the Roman Forum, which was the center of the Roman empire, and the core of the social, political and religious life of Rome. Who was Julius Caesar, and why was he killed? We will not only answer all your questions, but also let you follow in Caesar’s footsteps, walking through the streets where he once walked. We will show you the spot where he was cremated, along with some of the most important and beautiful buildings in Rome.

We will decipher the iconography of the Arch of Titus with its representation of the Menorah, and we’ll tell you about the Temple of the Emperor Antoninus Pius, along with other must-see Roman constructions.

Take our Colosseum extended tour and enjoy the fascinating stories our guides will tell you. Learn about Roman history, archaeology, culture and discover underground Rome. In our private tours there is always time for an extra question…our guides will happily answer!

Don’t waste your time joining a standard big group tour; make the most of your limited time in Rome and choose a customized private tour. Skip the line, not the experience!

Sights Included

Skip-the-line entrance
First and second floor
Roman Forum
Temple of Julius Caesar, via Sacra
Temple of Saturn, Temple of Vesta
Palatine Hill
Imperial Palace ruins
Wonderful views
Basilica of St. Clement's (underground site)
Massive underground Basilica
Subterranean temple of Mithra

Tour Itinerary

July 2021
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360 € for to 2 people, 30 € per each additional adult.
Kids under 18 pay only 15 € each.
Pick up and transportation by cab included*.
Tickets are extra, but we’ll get them for you.
Ticket price: 34 € for the adults, 5 € for the kids under 18

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*Pick up and transportation are included only if you’re staying within the pick up area. If your hotel is not in the pick up area, we will find the best solution to accommodate your needs.  Click here to see the free pick up area 

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