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Visit the LDS Rome Temple with us! Pick up at your hotel, transportation to the temple, and back to your hotel. Customized packages available!


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What’s included

Pick up service at your hotel

Tour of the Temple area & the Visitor Center

Customized tour packages available!

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Visit the gorgeous LDS Rome Temple with us. Relax and let us arrange everything: pick up at your hotel, transportation and return to your place.

Duration: about 4 hours

Rome is one of the capitals of Christianity, and it’s definitely one of the holiest cities in the world. What city could be better to host this beautiful Temple?

Everything started on October 4th, 2008, when the LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson announced the soon-to-start construction of a new temple in the Eternal City, on land that had already been purchased in the 90s.

The groundbreaking ceremony was held on the 23rd October 2010, and the LDS Rome Temple was finally dedicated on March 10th, 2019 by Church President Russell M. Nelson.

All the 15 apostles of the Church attended the ceremonies; this is believed to be the first time the entire First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles were in the same location outside the United States.

Since then, the LDS Rome Temple - the biggest in Europe - has become a must-see for members of the church from all over the world.

The Temple is located in the northern part of the city, and it’s a grand structure that stands out because of the size and the richness of its decorations.

The style of the construction is very original: it’s modern and unique but has many elements inspired by the Italian tradition. The whole building is covered with grey granite from Sardinia, and it is decorated with gorgeous stain-glass windows.

On top of a high steeple, you can see the golden statue of the Angel Moroni.

The floors are covered in shining marbles or soft carpets; the central hall on the first floor was designed to recall the Capitoline Hill square, as a tribute to the city of Rome. From the first floor, it’s possible to reach the upper levels climbing a monumental, marble staircase, which has a beautiful bronze handrail.

The rooms are decorated with beautiful frescoes that depict some famous Italian landscapes, like the Amalfi Coast, Sardinia, and Tuscany, and are lit up by breathtaking crystal chandeliers.

The Temple is built in a lovely gardened area, and it's not the only wonder to see; also the Visitor center is a marvelous structure, decorated with statues of Jesus and the Apostles inspired by the famous Thorvaldsen group.

The LDS Rome Temple is far away from the city center, and it's hard to reach with public transportation: that's why we decided to include a private driver at your disposal for the entire time. He will pick you up at your hotel with a private car, take you to the temple and wait for you until you are ready to get back to your hotel.

You will have about 2 hours to check out the temple and the surrounding structures: a local guide will show you the highlights of this wonderful site, and tell you the history of the temple.

If you want to, we can create a customized tour package that includes the LDS Rome Temple and some of the most famous sights in Rome , that you can visit on the same day or on another day: the Colosseum, the Vatican, the Borghese Gallery: let us know what your interest is and we'll create an itinerary you will never forget.

What's included

Pick-up & Transportation
LDS Temple of Rome
The Visitor Center
The Gorgeous Temple Gardens

Tour Location

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Basic tour: 250,00 € for 2 people, 25 € per each additional adult.
Pick up and transportation by private car included!

The price for customized itineraries will change according to the sights added

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Thanks to Mr. Carmelo Persico, who provided most of the pictures on this page.

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