Palazzo Massimo Tour: the National Roman Museum

Discover Palazzo Massimo, one of the best archaeological museums in Rome. An off-the-beaten path treasure.


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What’s included

First-class tour with a private guide

Skip-the-line tickets

Fluent English Speaking guides with a background in archaeology, history and art

Flexible starting time, tour guides fluent in English



Rome is full of fascinating museums and archaeological sites, but most tourists visit only the overcrowded Vatican and Colosseum. Go off the beaten path and discover the National Roman Museum at Palazzo Massimo!

Duration: about 2,5 hours

Although you may never have heard of this museum, it hosts one of the most important Roman archaeology collections in the world. Located right next to Termini, the main train station in Rome, Palazzo Massimo is one of the Eternal City’s most underrated museums, containing some of the greatest masterpieces of Roman art.

You won’t have to wait in line at all, and you’ll have all the personal space you need. You’ll also have a private guide (an expert in Roman art and archaeology) just for yourself, so you can enjoy the treasures of Palazzo Massimo in the most comfortable way. Pick up service and transportation by cab are included in the price!

Inside Palazzo Massimo you’ll see the famous bronze Boxer, one of the most beautiful and original Greek statues, which is still bleeding from its 2,200-year-old wounds. You’ll encounter gods and emperors including the Emperor Augustus, the son of Julius Caesar, represented as the highest Roman priest in the celebrated statue found on Via Labicana near the Colosseum.

When you admire the wall paintings from the villa of the emperor’s beloved wife Liva – paintings moved to Palazzo Massimo and then “rebuilt” so that they could be preserved – you’ll gain an insight to the aesthetic tastes of the Ancient Roman elite. You might even experience an incredulous kind of admiration for the insanity of the emperor Caligula when you see the fragments of his spectacular floating palaces, which once sailed in Lake Nemi.

Palazzo Massimo is also home to the fascinating Grottarossa mummy: the only ancient Roman mummy found in the capital that has survived to the present day (unlike the Egyptians, the Romans hardly ever practiced mummification).

The National Roman Museum is a treasure that most tourists ignore. Don’t make the same mistake – take advantage of our expert guides and let us show you the wonders of Palazzo Massimo.

Sights Included

Ancient bronze masterpieces
The “Boxer”
The “Hellenistic Prince”
Gorgeous ancient Roman Wall Paintings
Frescoes from the “Villa di Livia” (Augustus’ wife)
Frescoes from the “Villa della Farnesina”
Awesome marble artworks
Statue of Augustus from via Labicana
Sarcophagus from Veii
Ancient Roman houses
Fragments from Caligula’s Nemi ship
Imperial signs of Maxentius

Tour Location

July 2021
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250,00 € for 2 people, 30 € per each additional adult.
Kids under 18 pay only 15 € each.
Pick up and transportation by cab included*
Tickets are extra, but we'll get them for you.
Ticket price: 12 € for the adults, 2 € for the kids

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