Pompeii & Mount Vesuvius Tour

Explore Pompeii, the most famous ancient Roman town in the world, and the volcano that destroyed it


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What’s included

First-class tour with a private guide

Skip-the-line tickets for Pompeii & Vesuvius

Fluent English Speaking guides with a background in archaeology, history and art

Photo stops at the most popular sights



Our Pompeii and Vesuvius Tour is the perfect mix of history, art, and nature.

Duration: about 8 hours (including a break for lunch)

One of our professional drivers will pick you up at your hotel, and he will take you to Pompeii, where you will meet your private guide: an expert local who will unveil for you the mysteries of this gorgeous archaeological site.

You will visit Pompeii first, and then you’ll climb the Vesuvius, the volcano that destroyed the city in 79 AD.

Pompeii is one of the most famous and important archaeological sites in the world. Once a prosperous town, it was terribly hit by the eruption of the year 79 AD, described by the famous Roman author Pliny the Younger.

The Vesuvius had not erupted in centuries, so nobody even knew that it was a volcano. Its eruption caused destruction for an eight-mile radius. Pompeii was buried by the volcanic ashes, and most of the inhabitants died in horrible ways, unable to find shelter anywhere. The ashes quickly buried all the streets, the houses, the temples, the theaters; the city disappeared and soon its exact location was forgotten.

Only a long time later, in 1748, the King of Naples Charles the 3rd decided to start the excavations that brought Pompeii back to life.

The Vesuvius killed the ancient Pompeiians but also saved the city by burying it. The volcanic ashes have preserved Pompeii incredibly well: not only most of the buildings are still standing, but you can also admire the wall paintings, the frescoes, the marble cornices that decorated them. Walking through the streets of Pompeii is really like traveling in time, and spending some hours in the Roman age.

During our Pompeii and Vesuvius tour, you’ll walk on roads that were built about 2000 years ago, enter ancient houses and admire their amazing frescoes. You will explore the piazzas, the temples, and the theaters frequented by the ancient Pompeiians. You will see history come back to life.

Then, you’ll have some free time for lunch: your guide will happily take you to a great pizzeria, a restaurant, or even a wine farm, where you can have a light lunch and a wine tasting (you can decide with your guide while you're touring).

After lunch, you will start the Vesuvius tour. You will reach the slopes of the volcano, and your driver will drop you off at 1000 meters altitude (3300 feet). From here, you’ll take a shuttle with your guide since it’s not allowed to drive cars to the crater, and you’ll reach the peak of this gorgeous, yet terrible mountain: 1300 meters (4200 feet). To see the crater, you’ll have to walk for about 10-15 more minutes.

The crater is a truly unforgettable place: the Vesuvius is still an active volcano, and you will see smoke coming out of the cracks in the rocks, and creating dense gray clouds. You will feel the power of nature right under your feet, and you will have a breathtaking view of the entire Gulf of Naples.

At the end of the tour, you’ll take the shuttle back to your car, and then your driver will take you back to your hotel.

WARNING: to reach the crater you will have to walk for about 10-15 minutes up the hill, at 1300 meters altitude (4200 feet). It’s not a very hard walk, but if you have walking issues, health problems, or if you don’t tolerate high altitude, we discourage you from taking the tour. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Sometimes, when the weather is bad, the access to the Vesuvius crater gets forbidden for safety reasons. If on the day of your tour, the ascension to the Vesuvius peak will not be allowed, you will see the archaeological museum of Naples instead of the volcano.

Sights Included

Pompeii Ruins
The Capitolium (temple of Jupiter)
The Basilica and other important sights
Wonderful ancient buildings and frescoes
The Small and the Big Theater
The Baths of the Forum, the Gladiators’ Gymnasium
Vesuvius tour
Drive to the top of the volcano
Short hike by the crater
Breathtaking views
Admire the Gulf of Naples from a high elevation
See Capri, Ischia, Procida and other wonderful sights

Tour Itinerary

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900 € for 2 persons, 60 € per each additional adult.

30 € per each additional kid under 18.

The price includes
 skip-the-line tickets and pick up at your hotel in Sorrento,  Amalfi Coast area, Naples, and Salerno. It also includes transportation by private car for the whole day and drop off at your hotel. 

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