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What’s included

First-class tour with a private guide

Skip-the-line tickets for Pompeii

Fluent English Speaking guides with a background in archaeology, history and art

Photo stops at the most popular sights



Have you ever dreamed of traveling back in time? Take our Pompeii tour and live like an ancient Roman for one day.

Duration: about 2 hours + transportation

Pompeii is one of the most famous and important archaeological sites in the world. Once a prosperous town, the city was terribly hit by the eruption of the Vesuvius in the year 79 AD. Nobody knew that the Vesuvius was a volcano, therefore nobody could expect this mountain to suddenly blow up and destroy almost everything for an eight miles radius.

The city was buried by the volcanic ashes, and most of the Pompeiians died in horrible ways, unable to find shelter anywhere. The ashes quickly buried all the streets, the houses, the temples, the theaters; the city disappeared and soon its exact location was forgotten. Only a long time later, in 1748, the King of Naples Charles the 3rd decided to start the excavations that brought Pompeii back to life.

The archaeologists who dug in Pompeii immediately realized that this site was unique and you will feel the same during our Pompeii tour. In fact, the ashes had perfectly preserved the city, almost if like it had been frozen until its discovery. Not only the buildings were still standing: the discoverers could also admire the wall paintings, the frescoes, the marble cornices, the stuccoes, and the statues.

Digging Pompeii was not like excavating ruins: the city was so well preserved that it was like unveiling the ancient world, travel back in time and see the life of the ancient Romans.

During our Pompeii tour, you’ll have the chance to explore this unique site with a professional, local guide. You’ll walk on roads that were built about 2000 years ago, enter ancient houses and enjoy their amazing frescoes. You will explore the piazzas, the temples, and the theaters frequented by the ancient Pompeiians. You will see history come back to life.

What did the ancient Romans eat, and where? Did they eat pasta and pizza like modern Italians? What gods did they pray, and how? Find out with our Pompeii tour! Ask these questions to your private guide, and have the time of your life exploring this unforgettable archaeological site.

Sights Included

Wonderful ancient buildings
The Small and the Big Theater
The Baths of the Forum, the Gladiators’ Gymnasium
Ancient streets & stores
Via dell’Abbondanza and many other roads
Tabernae (ancient stores)
Roman frescoes
Wall paintings from the richest houses
Lovely decoration of temples, baths, shops
The Forum of Pompeii
The Capitolium (temple of Jupiter)
The Basilica and other important sights

Tour Location


Meet your guide in Pompeii

250 € for 2 people
  • 40 € per each additional adult
  • 20 € for kids under 18
  • Duration: about 2 hours
Skip-the-line tickets included!

Pick up & Drop off at your hotel

520 € for 2 people
  • 50 € per each additional adult
  • 30 € for kids under 18
  • Duration: 2 hours tour +
  • about 2 hours transportation
Private car and skip-the-line tickets included! Pick up in Sorrento,  Amalfi Coast area, Positano, Naples, and Salerno.
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